Home seller checklist before showing your house

  • Declutter – Remove all unnecessary objects, dishes (clean & dirty), small appliances, clothing, shoes, small statues, toys, toiletries, magazines, newspapers and collections from counters, dressers, tables and floor.
  • Clear all walking paths – the home should have a smooth flow of traffic and should not be hindered by baby gates, extension cords, large boxes or furniture.
  • Light and bright – adjust blinds to allow natural light through out the home. If necessary, turn on lights or lamps.
  • Inspect your yard – hoses should be wound into a neat coil, yard tools should be put away, grass should be cut, flower beds should be weeded , walks, drives and landscaping should be edged, front door/entry way should be free of cobwebs, dirt, leaves and debris. Snow and ice should be addressed to insure safe entry.
  • Bedrooms – beds made, clothing put away, dressers cleared, closets in neat order. Secure all jewelry and items of value.
  • Bathrooms – clean and clear – put all bottles, brushes, creams, salves, ointments, cleaning products, plungers and wet wash clothes where they belong. Secure all prescription medications.
  • Pets – Please take your pets with you when your home is being presented to prospective buyers. This may not always be possible, but is a best practice. If you have to leave Fido and Minnie in the home – place them in a safe and secure environment such as a carrier or designated, gated area. It is important to have your Realtor advise and instruct other real estate agents there are pets in the home. Litter boxes should be exceptionally clean.
  • Home Office – secure all sensitive materials and electronics.
  • Garage – should present itself as a place to park vehicles. If the bays are presently used for storage – an orderly system should be in place. Park vehicles off premises when your home is being viewed.
  • Closets – Orderly and sparse – if your clothing or coats are extremely crowded, this may inform the prospective buyer that there is inadequate space to store their clothing. Delete everything unnecessary and un-used.
  • Clean, Clean and Clean – broom swept, vacuumed, dusted and shining. Empty all wastebaskets and trash cans. A clean home smells like a clean home.
  • De-personalize – remove all family photos, sports team memorabilia, religious items, political objects and controversial elements.

Prospective buyers have a need to “picture themselves” living in your house/condo.  A neutral environment will allow an image of where to place their family portrait. Safety is utmost to insure a pleasant visit. Packing up anything you are not currently using will assist with showing your home and creating a head start for your move forward.

Your real estate professional can guide and direct you to a successful sale.


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