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WordPress is an amazing product and process for launching and maintaining a blog. Not only does it provide most imaginable tools required to enable us creative spirits to “Write In Space”, it also provides access to some of the masterpieces published utilizing mechanics. Great blogs are listed within the WordPress, “Freshly Pressed” section. Diverse blog subjects from domestic violence, to weddings, to beauty are included in the vast array of themes this week.

The subjects of blogs, in itself, is a fascination. A great number of them are used as diaries. Why anyone would think it is OK to put your intimate matter out to float for anyone to grab is beyond my comprehension. Do they not know you can create a private diary on a tablet or laptop? I know, we humans, seem to think each nano second in our wonderful lives is fabulous and should be shared. Age and experience has taught me to reassess the exercise and delegate the project to another more private vehicle for access. In other words, pull the Levi’s up and if you don’t like someone, don’t associate with them. Play in someone else’s yard for a change.

The subject of blogs leads to “hits”. A defined subject matter is more searchable and predictable to read. Ramblings will not keep an entourage’s attention. It has become a problem with this blog. It was originally set up to assist new writers. It was successful but was not being updated in a timely matter due to a previous work, travel schedule. In fairness to readership, it became what it is now – whatever “it” is! It is hard to find ourselves in a crowd of genius when you’re on a new adventure.

Blogs with a broad subject matter do provide surprises along the journey. A “boomer” site I have been following has lead to insights with revelations on the side trips. The writer has hundreds of categories due to leanings in different directions. It even includes her bucket list and travel schedules. I feel I have gotten to know her and share a lot of similarities.

Blog subjects also share the gift of learning something new. The validity of the contents depends upon the writer’s credentials. This is where the biography or the “about the writer” come in real handy. My confidence will be shaken a tad if I learn to drop the transmission in my Buick from a brain surgeon. I will, however, print a recipe from an astronomer’s site if they grew up in a Hungarian household. I have been around long enough to learn an electrician may be multi-talented with the additional expertise to show me how to embroider a rose knot on my camisoles. Again, it depends on the proficiency of the information source.

Blogs are great for sharing “pieces of us”. Being a benefactor allows the knowledge boards in our heads to expand. If we are angered by what we read, we are thinking. Emotion and stupidity always get our goat and llama. There aren’t too many blogs out there advertising they are stupid. It all comes down to education, maturity, experience and our perception of the universe.Subjects must be sorted out like laundry. Don’t mix the delicates with the jeans.

Personality will always be a hit. Charismatic chants, novel verse and poetic lyrics will always rise to the top. Even bad poetry can get my attention if the subject line is a masterpiece in intellect. Simple subjects and humor will allow you to live longer. Don’t forget to laugh everyday. It also tones our faces better than Estee’ Lauder can.

I always wonder what the reader thinks, if there are no comments. As in sales, “no” is a starting point. Negative criticism is the commencement of improvement. Always let me know when I am off or outa subject or running from third base to second base. It won’t be the first time I’ve driven in the wrong direction.





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