Naked homeowner association

We attended a property homeowner association meeting this morning in Powderly, Texas. The bylaws and deed restrictions have expired because the original developer input a specific term in the documents with the commencement of this organization.

Each member was given due notification in reference to the creation of the combination covenant with new by-laws and deed restrictions. A committee working diligently on this project, was accessible through email and telephone. An informational meeting was also scheduled for questions, answers and suggestions. A tiny minority showed up.

A vote was taken during this mornings meeting and the newly constructed covenant was not passed because a select few (3) people want language restricting farm animals from being kept on owner’s properties. One of the individuals went so far as to suggest children could raise FFA animals, except pigs, if they went through a board of director approval process. Quite honestly, I view this as FFA pig discrimination. By the time the board of directors takes action on the approval process, we’ll be eating the FFA animals for Sunday dinner. Another individual did not want large numbers of domestic cats and dogs. Funny, no one mentioned rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, snakes and iguanas. Is a llama a farm animal?

Since everyone was talking at the same time, the reality of not having an approved document in place with who is in charge and what you can and can not do has let us know it is a no holds barred venue for my family now. There is a homeowner association but it is now naked, devoid of bylaws and deed restrictions. We have eight acres and have not begun construction of our home yet.

If we hurry, we can throw up any kind of structure our heart’s desire without the conflict of an architectural committee or deed restriction. I am picturing a few hen houses, pig pens, mobile home park, a bar/strip joint, nudist camp and a big ass house in 1960s psychedelic color schemes. Of course the house can have a flat roof with a natural bark and mud exterior.

The few property owners holding out on the passage of the new covenant failed to comprehend or understand that there is no covenant now. While they were bickering and ranting about farm animals, the door is wide open for anything goes. There is nothing to stop utilizing one’s property for a junk yard, tattoo parlor or hourly motel.

If they would’ve passed and approved the document presented, they could’ve presented and advocated for an amendment in reference to cow and duck avoidance at a future meeting.

I understand passion and standing up for something you believe in. What I don’t understand is being so closed minded you have cut off your nose in spite of your face. Where is the common sense? Where were these people when everyone else was busting butt to protect property value and a commitment for a select standard for their community? They lost the entire war and don’t even realize it.

I can’t wait to see what happens when a circus relocates to Hidden Lake Drive.



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