Polite Conditioning

We are busy walking on light bulbs. One misstep and feelings are hurt, cultures are insulted, entitlement is diminished and you get lost in the process. Lost because society dictates you should just shut up.

Your feelings, opinions and intellect do not matter. No one wants to know your observation or suggestion of change. It creates an opportunity to discuss the underdog excuses or label you as rebellious or radical.

Paranoia is rampant in conjunction with distrust and submission. Every brigade has a chip on their shoulder. Personality has been traded for “fit in the cube”. Color outside of the lines and someone initiate a lawsuit. We are turning into “Stepford Wives”.

I don’t want to go back to blatant bigotry and prejudice. Watching movies and television shows during “back in the day” time periods is shocking. I was shocked back then. Women were submissive and shallow. Minorities stayed in their place. Each targeted group was conditioned and mandated to a caste system. Discrimination is now masked under the guise of political affiliation, religious subordination and privatization of educational systems. The “good ole boy” network is thriving with a new spin.

During the process of necessary change we have lost ourselves in the balance. Humor is passe’. We used to enjoy each other. It doesn’t seem to be allowed anymore. It is as though our minds can’t step over the boundary quick enough to process and accept a joke, no matter how innocent the subject. We’re conditioned to not take a chance.

Joy and laughter are learned behaviors and should be incorporated into the educational process with reading. Taking a walk on the wild side creates an environment for progress and change. Risk is viewed as corrupt instead of innovative. Judging and demoralizing each other will guarantee falling backwards at the expense of our future.

Extremes will jeopardize our souls. Quit taking every word as a personal affront. You can not be attacked without permission. Counter the moment with wisdom and wit. A sagacious grasp of human compassion and joy advances a culture. Loosen up, laugh and listen. It will not hurt you.

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