Dating over 60 – Dating while married

Dating while married can be a complicated issue from both or either side of a new relationship – to say the least. An honest individual will disclose their marital status up front. If you are given the explanation of a “complicated” situation, it may be a “heads up” moment.

An example of obfuscated situation can very well include a hospitalized spouse for reasons of Alzheimer’s disease, debilitating conditions or any other situation requiring long term care. It may include health care insurance requirements, financial support, and/or a devout vow to love and cherish. Meeting an individual with extreme circumstances will require empathy and compassion to understand the extreme circumstances. Communication is a key element with this unique journey.

Prospective dates who are legally married may be:

  • Separated while living separately
  • Separated while living under the same roof
  • Living under the same roof but discussing divorce
  • Living in different states with no intention of obtaining a divorce
  • Waiting for the “other” spouse to initiate or pay for the divorce
  • In an “open” relationship
  • Seeking a “swinger” relationship
  • Amid a separation of property and/or child custody proceedings

Dating an actively married individual can create a safety situation. If the married party is “sneaking” around without notifying his/her/their current spouse, a severe domestic blow-up can manifest. Tread lightly and do your homework if you are considering a rendezvous, with the knowledge they have “secrets”. Extra marital affairs have the ability of creating a horrific crime, such as the Clara Harris case.

 Many a mother has informed their daughters, “Married men always retreat back to their wives.” When you become committed in a relationship with a married individual, there is a reason they have not formally dissolved their marriage. It is not unheard of for a divorced individual to suddenly break with you to return to a person they were previously married to. It is not unheard of to know folks who have re-married a previous spouse.

Truly get to know the circumstances of your new love. Trust is paramount. Verification through outside sources, Dating over 60 – Know me, Know you, will provide an insight as to integrity and character.

Communication with your married date/partner/relationship will assist you with making a qualified decision. Honesty and being transparent allows both parties to know the degree of risk, present and future.  

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