Tone down your inner Clark Griswold

tone-down-your-inner-clark-griswold The holiday season adds another layer of stress due to extra activity, maintaining a semblance of order for house showings and the possibility of receiving a sales contract. Your goal is to sell your house.

If you always have a live tree displayed, opt for a smaller version than the one you usually choose. Remove a piece of furniture from the room where the tree will be displayed. Be aware of maintaining natural traffic flow through the room. If you are actively showing your home, do not make the room appear smaller with added decorations.

Replace the Christmas villages, train displays and luminosities- star-light and strobe illumination effects with natural winter-like elements. Seasonal plants, such as poinsettias, bowls with red and green candy and subtle fragrance items. It may be best to store the Santa toilet seat covers, yards of lighted stair bannister holy and The Nightmare Before Christmas bedspreads. Be cognizant, your displayed religious pieces will detract from keeping your home neutral to prospective buyers.

Keeping the “exterior illumination” and yard adornments to a minimum will also allow prospective buyers a clear view of the home’s exterior. Front doors should not be covered with trimmings that will not allow a buyer to actually see the condition, style and material type. Safety should always be a priority and extension cords and electrical wiring should never be crossing a walkway, hall, room or doorway.

A generic home, not theme specific, will expedite placing a “sold” sign in the front yard. If you are unable to minimize your holiday activities and displays, discuss with your Realtor® options in reference to temporary suspension of home showings. Selling your home should always be the focus as long as it is actively listed. A professional real estate agent or broker will have the expertise to guide you through the process. 2016© May not be reprinted without explicit written permission. All worldwide rights reserved.


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