No one is listening

No one is listening
our kids are being murdered in their classrooms
         witnessed by the innocent and precious.
politicians are lining their pockets-
    they're chunking the change for porn stars
               and mistresses while
          parents are ordering tiny coffins.

  feeding the masses rhetoric
          with those huge spoons            
                    they're buying it 
                                wearing it
          digesting, sleeping with it.
parents with faces in their phones
         do they even know who their kids are?
      pack a pistol into the lunchkit
        tucked between the cut up apple
                and the snickers bar
          they can't find their kids
               let alone their shotguns and handguns.
  When you try to request gun control
      the rednecks start screaming about the second amendment
        into the take-out speaker
               if they listen
                 oh my god - it might be something they agree with
             "give me a side of ammo and sample of compassion"
so they shout louder and louder and louder
       kiss you sweetly on the lips, good-bye...
            and walk quietly 
             out the door
     cloaked in an AR-15  
             because they need protection -

On May 18, 2018, 8 of my neighbor's children
were gunned down with 2 of their teachers
 at Santa Fe High School, Santa Fe, Texas.
 Please register to VOTE. 
Change is necessary to stop the mass murder
of our most precious and innocent.

No child should be worried about being killed 
            in their schools.

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