plangent thunder

an inescapable    plangent thunder


                                    Calling My Name


           O N E m o r e time


         two (2) phones ringing

revere ware off the slick granite onto the sticky tile

                     floor -

as another IPhone fatality – a $700.00

        symphony bounces the bank account

                          into a defeated deficit.

  a pager vibrating my last jagged nerve

                       as it flails and bounces

        into the commode from

        a couture black satin

            back- ass


    simply monogramming a designer dollar –

             a blaring billboard

             at my expense.

honk a  shrieking text

brake a profane IM

                     into Siri’s impervious

         ear as she directs me to Pittsburgh through

                              Mijas Spain


listen intently for the          most              missed

               maternal control


          from the Bravado’s radio speakers.


Mute is stuck  

         “off” the cacophony blare of





waking me up


putting me to

bed 2016© – all rights reserved.
plangent thunder 4-2016










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