acute bibliography for a prospective future

I wasn’t aware 
the capacious blinds overhanging the front windowpanes
 are slanted just enough to allow
the neighbors an explicit view
                                   inside my house.
the hail of heartbeats
banging against the hurricane #5 glass
must’ve stopped the rein of ricochets no 
longer taking credit for “yard of the month”. 
Questions asked
                            a n d ignored. 
Gossip and wonder penetrate the 
 radiant barrier roof.
whispers hanging from the blooming magnolia tree – 
whispers on the winding walkways
 They witnessed the tawny bricks 
 stacked ever so politely in the front driveway before
being bundled, projected– propagated into a
 perfect subway pattern meeting and greeting right angles
into shelter walls
hand prints were mirrored historically into the concrete foundation –
 mapping an 
acute bibliography for a prospective future. 
If the window treatments were other 
than fingerprinted ivory white -
would the pathetic shouts of mercy
transcend into lyrical verses or 
uttered contractual versions of an expired lease
 with notice of eviction?
When I peer through the glass 
front to back –the express tunnel would
polarize any promise of “good” feng shui. 
the raging fires were too close to the waves
 washing the tears over the slippery floors?
 I didn’t
want the sympathetic visitors with lustrous apple pies
                    and prostrate sheriffs dictating
 arrogant orders of intimidation 
“vacancy” hung on the freshly enameled red front door – 
implementing the exorcism
for my future, my plans, my dreams,

The concerns were unwarranted. 
No one asked for the unanswered prayers or 
faint echoes turning deadbolts or
disarming security alarm sirens
 Hollow houses do not 
require supported occupancy permits
on every killum beige wall - in every room.

 Just because I bought
 doesn’t mean I have
 to live in
 it 2016© - all rights reserved. 
may not be reprinted without permission.

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