incorporeal treasures

You gifted me hope
an invaluable commodity
of the incorporeal treasures with the silver and blue ribbons
stacked politely inside pristine pyramids

resembling the mystic gild and glimmer
at Dillard’s.
The display shortened my gasp for air
they are:
largest to smallest
easy to climb – hard to grasp
unreachable flimsy filigree edges that continuously tilt
side to side
from my white bread
PH-PA polished and manicured fingers

Box #3 sitting next to a brilliant star

but as the
Aspirant – I chose Box #2

It repressed
shattered an d disappointed
a fragment of the hope.
The type A crown of glory and thorns
I wear impassively on my head
tilted into my brows
stopping me where I stand.
Halted from holding
both hands out,
they are now kindly
placed behind my back

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