The blue Olivetti typewriter


The blue Olivetti typewriter
Let words fall where they were
supposed to without the inhibitions and tribulations
hanging – dragging
lyrics bounding from the swing reckoned with burnished chain
fresh from Miller Hardware.

It didn’t matter if the breeze
your starched and frilly dress into your face
as long as your skinny legs continued to pump the flash into
your new life.
It didn’t matter what the neighbor’s thought – Why would I care about what the neighbor’s thought?

The blue Olivetti typewriter
Slammed unkind verses
clicked intense verbiage – the 18k watch wound tight
evidence of the spring snapping befell an uncommon reflex
inside of you.
Should I put it out there? Will everyone know I can’t tell time?
Shifty-Shifty gave it an A

doubts were winners
sanctions in bits to puzzle into logic
leadership became a vessel of easy passage – fallen bloomers outsize my capacity

The blue Olivetti typewriter
prospered expressions into an adolescent eminence
I didn’t know that I didn’t know – but it was alright with the ecosphere.
Shunning allocation due to a Hartley on a billboard
It wasn’t created to share venal sequestered contemplations
The assignment had to be presented
The class was paid for with sweat applause rattled the monogrammed oxford shirt pink souls are not for sale (can’t believe I remember using that expression)

The blue Olivetti typewriter
Became a moth ball overcoat
Heavy – loose buttons hanging from cord….

The Goodwill doesn’t even want to deal with the shamble of inappropriate technology in a humid southern state.

Who wears second hand underwear? especially last year’s model
Kevlar wrap road blocked phrases wrapped in a complicated compass-
Amplified by Jetson ways & means ringing a ca-ching, ca-ching to noisy editors

Electronically transmitted to the back of the closet
© all rights reserved

Poetry final


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