“where is the best place to live anonymously”

You asked me, “where is the best place to live anonymously”Where is the best place to live anonymously

You’re not undistinguished or without a name, which confuses me but

I haven’t seen you in a long time. My watch is lost.

anonymously dabbles dimes into empty light bulbs and only pennies are allowed to trickle between your fingers and now you can’t get your hand out the tiny hole of clustered filaments and headaches

anonymously will not fit into those little squares on the warranty registration forms no matter how small you squeeze the letters – no.2 pencils only – no more spumoni

broken hearts live anonymously – for awhile and a while

I know you are not without pledges, passwords and promises to keep your face in a jar like                                                                                                   Eleanor


Is there a difference between lonely and anonymous? or being afraid?

Maybe you’re just sick and tired of everyone’s shit –

it would only be a dream to flash words onto a yellow legal tablet as eloquently as you


of course with that No.2 yellow pencil

I don’t know you but I do know you. Hide behind your 6 syllable concoctions of fancy word of the day which desperately impresses.I’d hang those words around my neck but some are bigger than I am.

teach me, share with me, show me


Tell me

Tell me more



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