Wasp spray is only as effective as the operator

While relaxing on the back patio of Ponderosa North, a huge flying beast – wasp, hornet, massive stinger capacity animal, chased me out of my chair. It sounded like a Lear jet trying to get entangled in my naturally frizzy hair.

With the determination of ass on fire, I ran to the garage and returned to the patio armed with a fly swatter, a broom and a can of wasp spray. To be specific – Spectracide Wasp & Hornet Killer with a 27 ft Jet Spray. I’m thinking this product is aptly appropriate for the project at hand.

The flying, stinging vulture was trying to nose dive me while I was getting the lid off of the Spectracide! The fly swatter was a waste of excellerated energy. I almost hurt myself swinging madly into the air. Making sure the nozzle of the wasp spray was aimed at the designated target, I pressed the button and sure enough that stuff jet sprayed at least 27 feet!

It sprayed the length of the patio, the glass top table, my coffee cup, my Hostess HoHo’s and a darling unlit candle. It missed the hornet and he was really pissed now.

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