Is the Levoxyl recall really a recall?

Levoxyl 01-2014When is Levoxyl going to be available? Will Levoxyl become available again? When trying to gain answers to a mystery – you start to question the sources of information when seeking answers to the conundrum.

Levoxyl, (levothyroxine sodium), previously manufactured by King Pharmaceuticals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pfizer Inc, is no longer in production due to smells being emitted by some container situation. After some preliminary research due diligence, another reason production was halted may be due to a profit gain/loss decision to move the manufacturing to another facility.

When a company has to answer to shareholders, it is always a money decision. A recall has to ring adverse when presented to the public keeping consumers “informed” and investors “happy” in harmony. A voluntary recall is not the same tiger as a mandatory recall by the FDA. It would upset the public to hear a necessary prescription was out of production because it wasn’t keeping the money bags content. Shareholders want to be held in high regard when it comes to media output. A bad smell from a container almost conveys a sobersided directive of grievous content.

A quick, brief and analphabet review of the Pfizer board of directors reveals credentials conducive to profit over health ethics. I personally have been a director on multiple boards with members not having a business clue to the company mission, means or mechanics of the organization, with one being an exception. The Pfizer board does have a lot of fancy titles and upper echelon corporate titles.

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists website claims, according to Pfizer, Levoxyl will become available March 2014. This may be more of a hypothesis than fact. As of the date of this post, I have been unable to verify any information in reference to a date Levoxyl will become available or if it will ever become available.

The repercussions of not having Levoxyl is pragmatic. Beside the fact many families are affected by plant closings – which is tragic and can take another bandwagon tour in itself, thyroid patients unable to get their hands on Levoxyl now have a diminished quality of life. I know because I am unable to fill my long term prescription for Levoxyl. Health care professionals uninterested or unknowingly think other drugs such as Synthroid or generics can be automatically substituted for Levoxyl. Patients know this is not true. It takes a true time commitment with qualified endocrinologists to know everyone reacts differently to different drugs.

Generics are not the same as name brands. Research for this post resulted in seeing a lot of formulary lists for health insurance providers. Health insurance companies are quick to say generics are sufficient. Their primary concern is not for your health. It is to watch profits soar. If your health was a primary mission, formulary lists would not be necessary.

I found out my Levoxyl prescription could not be filled the day after my beloved husband passed away. The nurse practitioner and pharmacists did not have an explanation as to why it was not available. I found the information myself and informed them. I am on my third substitute in 8 months. Blood tests have revealed the current substitutions are not the same. My thyroid levels communicate why my hair is falling out and clogging drains and snarling the vacuum cleaner. My skin is so dry my hands are cracking and snag leggings and fine fabrics. I am lethargic – sleeping twice as much as a normal human being. Intolerance to cold is unfavorable with frigid polar vortexes rampaging. The thermostat is cranked and I’m still wearing a coat around the house. It is best explained as feeling like you are walking through the bottom of a huge swimming pool. I am exhausted, fatigued and frustrated. Blood tests are a true gauge of physical limitations. I thought I was just severely heartbroken and grief stricken. It obviously is not a good time for a compounded predicament.

This is clearly an unscientific and non-professional opinion. It is purely personal.   If anyone has additional information in reference to new production or availability of Levoxyl, please share. Your opinions and thoughts are valued and valuable.


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