Good bosses

The previous post prompted me to make a few comments for wonderful bosses and mentors who can change and advance your life. This is a non-discriminating blog. It is not my intention to create bitch sessions and chaos. There must be substantiated accord to move forward and offer insight for direction to the end of the rainbow.

Good bosses exercise respect and self-control at all times. Good people lead good people. It is the same example as great parents raise great kids. As a leader of the division, corporate giant, Dari Queen or account payable group, you are the standard set for those awaiting direction and guidance.

Any Funk & Wagnall, Merriam Webster or your reference of choice will offer the definition of a manager as one who directs to succeed and accomplish. A professional will respect your experience, your knowledge and your dignity. You are a valuable company asset – bought and paid for. The copy machine does not deserve more respect than a human being. It seems that when the copier breaks down, four people jump on the phone to get an expert in to soothe and console it into functioning without the weird noise. An employee can drop dead on the floor and most will walk over them, complaining about the impediment. A good boss will call the coroner and order a ham (unless the deceased is Jewish, substitute corned beef brisket) and broccoli cheese casserole to be taken to the grieving employee’s family.

Good bosses do not demean or insinuate you have the same behaviors of past subordinates. They read your resume and should know a person with a doctorate already knows to answer a ringing telephone. It is belittling to be told over and over to do something you are in the process of accomplishing and completing. Great bosses respect your conflict solutions, being proactive to avoid train wrecks and knowing you will take responsibility for what the job requires and beyond.

Your actions are a direct reflection on the accomplishments of management and the profits and success to the company as a whole. It is a team effort. Every position requires equal appreciation.

A wonderful boss creates a positive work culture. You are happy to get there, on time, and eager to delve into the routine and challenges of the day, with vigor. You know you have a capable and refined manager when you have left the workplace with more knowledge than you entered with. A manager moves people forward with experience, education and training. This is what makes companies and corporations and small business grow steps further.

Appreciation for your skill or ability to capture new technologies enhances managements position. Telling you how stupid you may be only drop kicks you into a dark abyss. The division leader, associate assistant temporary manager or interim president knows positive verbiage creates positive efficient outcome. Assignments  adversely directed, such as, “Don’t take all day like the night crew did”, kind of pisses you off before you even get started. A hands on boss is even more effective than the one sitting behind bullet proof glass waiting for the limo to pick her ass up. Even if the hands on boss is looking for a photo op moment, they are at least trying to act interested and committed to your compliance and successes.

Especially new or young employees benefit from a mentor boss when starting a career or highly trained specialized position, such as “surgeon”. An employee asked me once, “How did you become the boss?” My response was, “Walk like the boss (please don’t take this literally), talk like the boss, dress like the boss, (again, use your common sense. I don’t want to hear everyone is badly impersonating drag queens), take initiative, arrive early, stay late, speak with confidence, know your product, know your competition, know your staff and most importantly, know yourself.

Thank you, Bernie V. Easley – you were a great mentor and a great boss.



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