October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Not wanting to sound like George Carlin, but if everyone waited to adopt a dog in October, there would be a lot more dogs seeking shelter. George would ask, “Why only in October?”

July brought a German Shepherd mix dog visitor to our property. She, found out later the nature of her feminism, would sleep under our outbuilding during the scorching heat of the day. Our territorial yard-Nazi dog, Vincent, would have no participation in the “share your yard” campaign. He was like a persistent 3-year-old child who absolutely thinks you have no right to sleep more than 5 minutes per session. The second he would discover the German Shepherd sleeping under the outbuilding, Vince justified his position as yard-nazi and chased this tired, ragged dog to the edge of the property. She would actually climb the cyclone fence to escape his yapping. Refuge was the yard behind us.

In the oncoming weeks, we discovered the German Shepherd was pregnant and delivered a large litter of pups, on our neighbor’s property. Vincent still had no regard for the antics he made her perform while she was “with child times many”.

Our neighbors are compassionate and caring people. A new home was created for the mom dog and her big brood. Early morning flood lights illuminated their yard when Mr. Neighbor would check on the newly established dog family. Mom dog is fed regularly and puppies are comforted to quiet their squeaks and squeals.

The puppies are now big enough to receive homes of their own. A homemade sign is posted on a pole in front of our neighbor’s house which simply states, “Free puppies to a good home.” A few times, we have witnessed families visiting the yard to play with the puppies and choose the lucky winner of the “take me home” contest. It appears, there is only one or two puppies remaining. I am not nebby enough to know if I am seeing the same puppy once or in duplicate. They are adorable, either way. Mom dog is content and obviously doing a great job.

October is “Adopt a Shelter Dog Month”. I also think everyday needs to be Christmas and one’s wedding anniversary. Lift the October only restriction and think about adopting a dog any of the other months, too. It makes my heart happy to know we live among benevolent people.


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