Write In Space

Why do I write in space every morning?

Historically, writing has been part of me since I figured out the alphabet. The thrill of the first Olivetti manual typewriter to becoming President of the Houston Manuscriptor Guild. It is what I do. Sounds like most writers?

Our recent move to northeast Texas has created a perfect writing environment. It is going to take time to ramp up my business. The routine social circle is very far away. There are a lot fewer distractions out in the country. To be very specific – I have become down right bored. Boredom can only be blamed on one person – yourself. It is not the most exciting adventure to pack and unpack moving boxes. I have tackled the art of making sourdough bread and creme fraiche from scratch. Oh yea, I did locate a kitchen in this house. It even freaks me out. For decades, my expertise in the kitchen amounted to nuking whatever was packaged in a fancy box from Krogers. Creative endeavors, cooking or writing, are a lot more enjoyable when you aren’t rushed and you’re new in town.

Through experience, writers write to be remembered. Value is calculated in the words they put together. Some teach. Some whine. Some ramble, but they have an innate need to express themselves. It is a lot less expensive than a shrink. It allows you to be the person no one else can see. I do find myself censoring articles so as not to alienate close family and friends. The rationale is also to maintain a step of decency. The truth walks a fine line. We are all a dysfunctional lot. It is what allows us to stand out from the crowd. “I’d never join a club who would have me as a member”. I think Woody Allen stole this quote from Groucho Marx. Change a word here and there – people will re quote, retweet and post to Facebook.

In sales, a key component for success is knowing your product and your competition. Do you ever envision how other writers, bloggers, novelist, reporters produce their wares? Has the I Pad and smartphones replaced the tiny spiral notebooks and pencils? Do they even jot down notes or pull it all from their heads as it appears on the pages? I picture a lot of scruffy faces, bathrobes, and Don King coiffures in front of huge CPU’s, little laptops, expensive Tablets and a few Bic pens flying across dog-eared notebooks.

Famous and memorable writers, enjoying interviews on name brand television programs, always have the mini replica of the estate house, a short walk away on the property. They are dressed in cashmere sweaters and pressed khaki’s. There is always someone who works for them, or a formally dressed spouse bringing them coffee and a sandwich – with the crust cut off the bread and cut into little triangles. The room they write in always has cherry wood paneling and oriental rugs. An environment which smells like jasmine. The interview commences with name dropping and unabashed astonishment to the reason for the attention. The famous writer always acts flabbergasted and unknowing when asked about the income they have received due to the remarkable notoriety. Oh, the good life.

I am not that kind of writer or want to be. Riding a rocket is a nice gig, but waiting for the bus teaches a better lesson.



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